Magusz Art

Creator, Artist, Illustrator

Digital Art

Visionary Art

Art that has psychedelic, spiritual and visionary intention, with bright vibrant colors related with consciousness and connectedness.

Free Flow Art

Art created in free flow or related with a specific theme that does not fit into visionary style.

Animated Art

Art that is animated to give an extra flavour to it. Some also includes music and voice over.


Who Am I

Born and living in Portugal, Magusz studied visual art in high school and dreamed about a career as architect. While on high school he co-founded a theatre group and that bought to him another passion, to be a professional actor. Followed that dream for a while among many other things, an authentic chameleon of life, constantly adapting and following what he was passionated about. 

Visual arts stayed for a long time as an hobby, until October 2020 when he bought an iPad and started exploring the possibilities of digital art. That was a pivotal point on his life, since it allowed to circle back to his high school dreams and push him into becoming a full time artist. 

Since that period, Magusz has done several commission work as illustrator, and made several digital art pieces that were sold as NFT (Non-Fungible Token). His career as artist is on a fast pace, continuing exploring the possibilities of his art, participating in events and being pioneer in different art platforms. 


Board Game Illustrations

Specific illustrations made as commission work for the creation and production of board games and educational tools

Characters Illustration

All kinds of characters created for different purposes and projects.

Other Illustrations

Illustrations that do not fit on the previous subjects. Like landscapes, portraits, animals, and much more.