Visionary and Psychedelic Artist



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Who Am I?

Visionary and Psychedelic artist mainly. But always a creator and a life time learner.

I have studied arts in high school, and always draw and painted, but it was only when I reached 43 years old that I made the move to become full time artist. All started with buying an ipad and discovering the wonderful world of digital art and its possibilities. 

Visionary and Psychedelic art came naturally to me,  while I was developing my style and intention behind my art. 

My art reflects the cosmic and spiritual aspect of life, coming from visions of exploration of the Self. Some pieces can be a bit more provocative to foster the reflection and wonder. 

Besides the passion for creating freely art pieces, I also do work as illustrator and 2d animator. Passionate about new tech and the infinite possibilities of it, specially blockchain.

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Here you can see the main marketplaces where I am selling my art.

Besides that I have my own marketplace that you can access here.


Somethings that may be useful for you to know

Yes I do, mainly with illustration. I am very creative and always eager to share ideas and discuss new possibilities.

Yes I do. Digital art nowadays gained a new way to be verified and sold as NFTs (digital certificate on blockchain). And this is one of the ways I sell my art. 
If you think that it’s bad for the environment, please let me tell you that indeed as an impact but it’s very low compared with many other things. For example, the energy consumption of banks and money transfers, or even ordering some product from Amazon has greater environmental impact.

The artist Alex Grey was the one to coin this term. In his own words: “Visionary art is art that purports to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes, or is based in such experiences.”
For me personally is also the way an artist brings to life his visions that come from the exploration of the Self and other realms though altered stated of conscious. 

At the moment what I have for sale on that area is just the t-shirts that I did for a specific purpose.
Besides that I have few apparel products. With time I do intend to have more products that you will be able to buy on my shop. 
I do care about the environmental impact of products so I tend to be selective and that’s why at the moment I only have apparel from an eco-conscious collection.